Video Games

We here at Bearded Man Studios have a passion for video games.  We all grew up on video games and as children would dream of being able to make our own characters, our own worlds, our own adventures.  We would dream of characters, mechanics, styles, stories, and so much more, just wishing to make something we would be proud of and possibly that others would enjoy too.  This is a passion that we are so proud to chase now that we have the tools and the right team.

Warp 5 Overdrive Icon

Warp 5 Overdrive not only speeds into the future, but also brings a blast from the past in this 80’s arcade space shooter throwback. Set in a retro space scene where quick reaction based obstacles, enemies, and more are all in the way of your epic journey…

Word Lab Icon

Newly Re-engineered game that you all love!

Are you a master word chemist? Time to find out!

Word Lab is a game for everyone! You have 60 seconds to use the letters on the grid, create words, and submit them for points…