March Madness Forge Documentation Update

March Madness Forge Documentation Update

We have been working very hard to update the API as well as create a PDF that will be shipped out with the package and be freely available for download on the website with a list of tutorials. The plan is that we are going to continue to update the API documentation as the code evolves and as we continue to create new tutorials we will add them to the published PDF. Mark has worked very hard on the API documentation and has converted everything over to Doxygen. Brett has been working on converting all of the video tutorials over to text tutorials. On top of converting all of the tutorials from videos to text, it will also be published into a PDF so that it can be packaged with the main asset and support all of the tools that you would normally get with a PDF (such as highlighting, links, multi-platform offline use, etc). You can view the online API documentation as it is being updated at ( The PDF documentation is still being worked on and will be announced as soon as possible!

  • DiGiCT Ltd

    This is a good update, finally i can enjoy it soon 😀
    Keep up the great work guys :)

  • Bearded Man Studios, Inc.

    No problem! We are devoted to making sure that Forge Networking is the best product on the market for Networking in Unity! 😀