Lead change followup

I wanted to drop by and confirm what was said by Brett. He and I are in constant contact as Bearded Man Studios is not just Forge Networking and I still hold shares in the company. The raw fact is that one of our many projects has confirmed seed funding and will be moving to round A funding. I am the most critical piece not only as a lead architect but as a business owner. This of course was a very hard decision as I’ve been working constantly with Forge Networking for over a year. Luckily I have a great business partner and friend Brett who will be able to step into my place.

Some notes –

I will be working on dis-continuing Epic Join as the head developer on that project is no longer with us for various reasons. There is not significant enough traffic to support any funding to continue on this project. We will do what we can to move the traffic to proper channels as well as look into some more open source solutions for communities.

We will (as always) continue giving on-demand access to the GitHub repo so that we can start building a development community there as well. We are paying for business repositories so we should make use of it! :)

I hope you all can forgive me for the un-announced absence. As I said, I will still be around and I definitely will play a role in helping Brett get caught up to where we last left off as well as be a party that he can consult with at any time. I probably will pop in the chat from time to time as well, just to help out and see how all the games are going! :)

As this new venture progresses it will open up new resources which in turn will help us get our other larger ambitions for Forge off the ground :). Feel free to send me a PM at any time!

Feb – 10