Forge Networking Remastered Release Candidate (RC)

Hello everyone! The release candidate is going to be released tomorrow (10/30/2016)!

The next version (V13) of Forge Networking Remastered is going to be our RC (Release Candidate). We are not “jumping” over beta, technically we have had many tests of the system over the past month or so. The reason we are calling this RC is because we want to push as many people as possible onto the system to get feedback from various kinds of games, because frankly, the games we have going so far on it don’t have many critical bugs happening on them now.

Let’s get this guy out the door! 😉 The more feedback we get, the faster it comes out; and trust me, this update is going to awesome! Some notes:

  • No reflection
  • Non intrusive code
  • Better abstraction from Unity
  • Rewinding capabilities
  • NAT hole punching support
  • More cross compatible TCP and UDP code
  • Updated Master Server
  • Matchmaking
  • VOIP-like syndication support