Brett becomes lead of Forge Networking

Note: ¬†Though this is posted by Brent, this was the message given on slack by Brett, so “I” in this context is Brett talking.


So a lot of things have changed since we started Bearded Man Studios and to where we are now. I am now announcing that I will be taking over Brent’s portion for development on Forge Networking. I started in the beginning as another developer on the project whom eventually switched to working on the games that we had in development. Because Brent has recently struck gold with his skillset he is now moving towards server related support and will not be actively participating in the chatrooms and the like.

I have taken it upon me to continue the development of Forge Networking. I was currently working on support emails, debugging issues and focused on one of our game ideas. So now that is out of the way, I will solely focus on development for Forge, I need myself to get caught up in the codebase to understand where it was left off at for future development. It will take me some time to catch up with the codebase but I will eventually get to the point of regular updates once a week.

During this time, if you can in any way shape or form provide support to newcomers it would be greatly appreciated as I am still on the role for providing support through our emails and forums.

What this means in a tldr:

+Actual API Documentation as I will need to revisit the code to understand what is going on. This will allow me to give you guys the latest API documentation.
+Active Development with continued support
+Regular updates (once a week, when I get caught up)

-Switched main developer
-Need time to catch up to understand what was left off
-Our main game will be on hold for development

Keep in mind we will make an announcement on the forums soon, but we need to get the legalities of the company done first before any formal announcement there. I am posting this here to let you guys know what is coming up and to get your insight.

If you have any questions feel free to pm me here and I will respond by tomorrow.

Last Note: I want to mention that I will focus solely on Forge Networking in that it becomes as stable and useful as possible. I will then come back to BareMetal and Cloud code when it is done. I know Brent has made huge progress on these items and have put them to the side for now, but I think the main focus for me at this moment is making sure everyone here is happy with Forge Networking.

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    Ok good to hear. We were worried that development on Forge had stopped.